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I leveraged Penny's expertise recently and was extremely pleased with the results. During our weekly career coaching sessions she helped me focus on the big picture to achieve my goals associated with career options. Moreover, she brought an array of career tools to the process which provided me greater insight into my interests, occupational themes and personal style preferences. All of which identified career options consistent with my interests and my preferred learning environments. Her career counseling was instrumental for my next steps and I highly recommend her!

- Larry, Saratoga, NY

I highly recommend Penny for her career services! She is a genuine and warm person who truly cares about her clients. She not only thoroughly helped me write (and edit) my resume, but she also had many tools to guide me on focusing on long-term career goals as well. The benefits I received from my sessions with Penny greatly outweighed any associated cost. Within a short amount of time, my short term goal of finding a new job (one that better suited my needs) was accomplished. Thank you Penny!

- Diane, Saratoga Springs, NY

I found Penny Loretto of Career Choice very helpful with my career planning and job search. Penny has the expertise and experience necessary to help the job seeker with all aspects of career planning, from researching possible career choices, to preparing resumes, cover letters, essays and other required written documents. She is excellent with helping the job seeker use networking and other resources for finding job opportunities, as well as preparing the job seeker for the interview process. In this very tight job market, it is essential to have a professional career planner on your side, and Penny Loretto is the very best!

- Karen, Greenwich, NY

When I first began my career counseling sessions, I was very confused. I knew that I wanted a new career and a new job, but I didn’t know how to get either or even what I truly wanted to do. Through my time with Career Choice, I discovered that in order to move forward in my career, I had to take a look back and assess what events had brought me to where I was today. It was an incredible eye opening experience to understand how each decision in my life was a stepping stone that led me to where I am today. I found the Myers Briggs assessment to be a very useful tool in understanding my personality and how that fit in with what I wanted professionally. During my counseling sessions, I experienced a greater sense of self confidence in my skills and a feeling of self worth that made me know that whatever the next step is in my career, I would succeed.

- Paula, Albany, NY

There are many resources out there to hone one’s job searching skills and numerous resources to find exactly the job you’re looking for, but none are quite as thorough, applied with determination, savvy and experienced as Career Choice. With over 20 years of experience in the field, Penny showed up-to-date knowledge of the current job market as well as a wide range of information in a wide variety of industries.

Throughout our meetings, I felt comfortable expressing what made me tick in order to really benefit from her counseling service. Always, kind, and always honest, Penny extracted my strengths and helped me uncover my weaknesses with interactive assignments and personal reflection. After several meetings, I had numerous opportunities knocking on my door, and I finally accepted a job with a music company – a personal goal that I had always aspired to.

I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to recommend this outstanding service to someone looking for a career change, a position change within the same field, or even someone who is unable to pinpoint their dream job. Penny is someone who knows how to get results.

- Ryan, Saratoga Springs, NY

I started working with Career Choice at a very challenging time in my career. I felt that my work environment had changed and that my values no longer matched those of my management. I became increasingly frustrated and at a loss as to the best way to move forward.

After my first session with Career Choice I felt a shift in my attitude - it felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders just being able to talk through the situation with someone outside of my family. A few sessions later and I began to feel more empowered - that I could change my situation for the better. With Penny's help I began to develop an action plan and I developed a list of goals. Each session seemed to bring about a new set of ideas. I am really grateful to Career Choice - they helped me to find the way to move forward.

- Paul, Guilderland, NY

I am so thankful that I found Penny and enlisted her to help me think through prospective careers. She was willing to listen to me and think about my needs, while providing numerous resources for me to look through. In a few short meetings, she helped me define what I wanted without pressuring me into a decision. I would definitely recommend Penny to any person who is struggling with career decisions.

- Catherine, Albany, NY

I will certainly recommend Penny. She is very compassionate and sincere, and is a skilled coach and social worker. She quickly grasped what my challenges were and gave me helpful homework assignments that were very thought-provoking. I changed my direction somewhat during the course of this, and Penny was very supportive. At the end of my last session, she asked me to keep her posted on my progress as I go forward. This was entirely in keeping with her style, which is enthusiastic and genuinely caring.

- Sonia, Middletown, NY


"It's choice - not chance -
that determines your destiny."
~ Jean Nidetch

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